Claudia Calvert

NSCA and NASM Certified Personal Trainer

As a personal fitness trainer, I know well the challenge we all have with fueling our bodies. Finding the time and knowing how to put it all together can drive a sane person nuts. I personally do not really care for veggies or cooking plus I enjoy doing so many other things. After many years I have recently given myself the best gift ever and a great solution….. Chris Patrick. I am currently enjoying four perfect dinners and a few left overs for lunch every week. Its a great trend to have meals delivered and we all have many options. But…… If you are a Tahoe Truckee local and want meals to excite your taste buds, you would like to save time shopping and prepping. Chris is your best bet. Seriously I am eating better than ever, developing a taste for things I never thought I’d like and looking forward to my soups and entrees.  No more boring meals for me just fresh, healthy and ready to go. I Love my personal chef! Feeling blessed

Kathleen Raber

I recently had the pleasure of ordering meals from Chris. I was very pleased to find the quality of the food and the service was fabulous.  The portion size was very generous and the meals exceptionally tasty . It was also a great value as the cost was not overly expensive.  All in all I would highly recommend his services.

Pam Maher

I highly recommend Chris to anyone who doesn't have the time or expertise to create delicious healthy meals for themselves.   As a Nutrition Consultant I am pleased that his dishes are comprised of fresh, seasonal ingredients.  Additionally I have mobility limitations so having someone reliable, flexible and friendly to plan, shop, prepare & clean-up is invaluable!